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Mission Statement

The Company’s Corporate Mission is to become the No.1 choice in the provision of quality-based specialist support services through the professional delivery of individual service disciplines or integrated support service solutions. We aim to do this by the following:
The strict adherence to predetermined quality standards
The employment of a fully trained and suitably skilled work force
Working in “partnership” with clients towards customer driven objectives
Adopting a totally flexible approach to meet the service needs of all our customers.

Quality Control

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will ensure that all of your support and cleaning needs are dealt with efficiently. Our company has experience of cleaning & maintaining all types of buildings for all types of industries. We have put in place a range of quality control measures that work & have an excellent management, supervision and quality audit structure to ensure our clients premises are kept looking fantastic all the time. We believe communication is essential for businesses working together therefore we allocate our clients a dedicated client liaison person giving you someone who knows you, your business and your requirements. Plus on site we use high quality, well trained & motivated staff. Allied with comprehensive supervision, management & quality control structures means we deliver a great service solution.


All staff must wear their KleanTeam uniform whilst working.
All employees are required to wear company sweatshirts or T-shirts and are issued with company I.D. Cards.
Potential employees undergo a rigorous screening process prior to interview at our office. This screening includes:

Employees have no criminal record
Taking of references and checking of experience
Our quality control programme runs in unison with our training programme, as we know that only when staffs are correctly trained can they provide the required standard of cleanliness.


The KleanTeam Docklands Cleaners are committed to the training and development of all employees at whatever level. Such training and development will provide a source of motivation to staff, and is intended to provide opportunities for any employee to progress their own career within the company to the maximum of their potential, and limited only by their own ability. It is The KleanTeam’s policy that all employees receive appropriate training to enable them to achieve the required performance in their job and to maximise their contribution to the success of the company.

Health and Safety

The objectives of this policy are to ensure that the talents and resources of employees are realised and utilised to the full and to see that no employee or potential employee either received less favourable treatment on the grounds of his/her race, colour, nationality, sex, marital status or age or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which have a disproportionately adverse effect on his/her race, nationality, colour, sex, marital status or age group, and which cannot be justified on grounds other than these reasons. The Kleanteam Docklands Cleaners apply this policy equally to all categories of staff. We apply this policy to all selection procedures in order to ensure that individuals are treated for the purpose of selection, the post. merits and abilities, in relation to the requirements of promotion and training.

The KleanTeam Docklands Cleaners require every member of the Company and every employee, not to discriminate either directly or indirectly in the course of his/her duties. This policy is based upon the requirements of employment law; an employee who fails to comply with this policy will be subject to disciplinary action and may be in breach of the law. If at any time an employee considers that they have been treated unfairly in terms of the equal opportunities criteria set out above, the matter should be brought to the attention of the Supervisor to be dealt with as a grievance.

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Kensington and Chelsea Office Cleaners - Kensington and Chelsea Office Cleaning - Cleaning Kensington - Cleaning Chelsea - Kensington Commercial Cleaners

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